AR Contracting Services has provided these services in South Australia over the past 15 years, employing over 50 local South Australians and being considered a respected local contractor. Most of our work is done in-house with project managers, supervisors, executives, plant operators and pipe installers, while the majority of our plant is owned. AR Contracting Services is a private civil engineering company that provides high-quality construction to private developers, state and local government clients. AR Contracting Services employs engineers and estimators to carefully plan and evaluate future projects, using the estimation procedures of the first principle to ensure that the work can be completed on time and within budget without any surprises. To complement this, we have a strong long-term relationship with key plant operator owners, specialist subcontractors and suppliers. Attract clients through our collaborative approach, our ethics and the quality of our work. Where employees can develop their skills in a safe environment and be proud to be part of our team. .