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Juli & Servando

We are thankful to be celebrating our 20th year in business this year and are forever grateful to our wonderful clients for their support, friendship, and business over the years.  With our expansion at the end of 2013, we now have a total of 5,400 square feet equipped with an exquisite gym area for our Personal Training and 3 different studios for our Pilates Reformer and Fitness Classes (Zumba, TRX, Yoga, Barre, Total Body Sculpt, Piloxing and more)!

Established in 1999 | Private Fitness began as 1,600 square foot facility that offered Private Personal Training and was considered one of the most exquisite private studios in the area.

2000 |  The next year, Private Fitness expanded by adding The Yoga Room, a studio located in the same center offering Vinyasa style Yoga classes with traditionally trained instructors in a warm environment.  The Yoga Room was one of the first dedicated yoga studios in North Orange County and thrived.

2003 |  Servando Chavez and Juli Stockstill partnered together to establish a place for fitness unlike any other in the area.  In May, they acquired Private Fitness and The Yoga Room because of the potential they envisioned with the combination of the two studios and the diverse yet complimentary offering of Personal Training, Yoga and beyond.

2006 |  The Yoga Room began to expand it’s offering beyond yoga with mat pilates classes.  The response was so positive, that the exploration of Pilates began.

2007 |  A small office was converted to provide private Pilates Reformer session with a studio Reformer with Tower.  These private sessions were so well received with amazing results by clients that the work to provide Group Reformer Pilates sessions began.

2008 |  In April, 4 Pilates Reformers were purchased and The Yoga Room began to offer one of the first locations in North Orange County for equipment based Pilates classes, officially changing the name to The Pilates & Yoga Room.  Soon, a 5th Pilates Reformer was purchased to keep up with the demand of these amazing classes.

2009 |  Zumba was added to the class schedule becoming one of our most popular classes offered, which continues to this day.  This year Private Fitness and The Pilates & Yoga Room were recognized as Top 5 Personal Trainers in Orange County by Fox LA.

2010 |  Due to the downturn in the economy and witnessing a growing number of injuries in large bootcamp style workouts, the need for personalized guidance at an affordable price was evident. This was the year that we added the opportunity of small Group (limited to 4) Personal Training, which makes the value of this program one of our best.   We were again ranked Top 5 Personal Trainers in Orange County by Fox LA.

2011 |  In February, ballet barres were installed to begin offering Barre Fitness classes in March at the studio. This ballet inspired fitness class which emphasizes small movements with control, precision, and balance was a perfect addition to the schedule and continues to be a favorite class today.

2013 |  The need to have more gym space for our Private & Group Personal Training, as well as separate studios for our Pilates Reformer and other group Classes was evident.  In October of 2013, we expanded Private Fitness and moved The Pilates & Yoga Room within the gym to create a comprehensive 5,400 square foot facility that offered diverse yet complimentary programs for ultimate flexibility and variety!  We then began began using the Private Fitness name only to express the cohesiveness of our business.

2014 |  New equipment was added to sustain the growth of the gym expansion, including an innovative recumbent elliptical designed for clients who have concerns with their low back, knee, ankle, or other limitation.  Private Fitness has always been a go to gym for post therapy work on various ailments, as we cater toward clients of 40+ and can provide the specialized training that is often needed for optimal results, as well as therapeutic based programs.

2015 |  With our expansion, a therapeutic room was added and we began offering Private & Duet Yoga session, therapeutic stretching, and massage therapy in this private studio.

2016 |  Personal Training has been our long standing specialty, to keep up with new fitness trends and applications, TRX suspension training was launched within our Personal and Group Personal Training with several of our Personal Trainers becoming TRX certified.

2017 |  By the end of 2017, our TRX program expanded to 7 TRX stations in our Fitness Class studio.  A 6th Pilates Reformer was purchased to keep up with the demand of this ever popular low impact discipline that yields amazing results.

2018  |  A 7th Pilates Reformer was added to the studio to ensure our clients have ease of scheduling and always get the classes they want.

2019 | The synergy of having our programs of Personal Training, Pilates Reformer, Fitness Classes, and more continued to thrive. This year marked our 20th Anniversary in business and we celebrated on June 1st with an Open House of Free Fitness, Prizes, and more. This was our thank you to the community for their support, dedication, and friendship over the years.

2020 |  This year started with a bit of remodeling to make better use of space.  We will be launching our Personalized Stretching program, offering 30min or 60min private sessions that integrate specialized stretching techniques.  With the remodel, we now have a dedicated Wellness room for Private and Small Group (limit 4) Wellness sessions, such as Yoga, Stretch & Strengthen, ABC: Active Back Conditioning, Balance, and more. We also have a dedicated room for our massage therapy that is more quiet and private.

Make it your best year yet, come be a part of the best private gym in the Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim Hills, Placentia, and Yorba Linda community! We will partner with you to help you find the right program based on what is best for you considering your schedule, budget and goals. Call us, we’d love to meet with you!  714-283-3411

Personal Training has been our long standing area of expertise.  With educated, experienced, and motivating Personal Trainers, we partner with you to create a personalized fitness program for optimal results.  Twice we have been rated Top 5 Personal Trainers by FoxLA and specialize in fitness training of clients of all ages and fitness levels with various goals and needs.  Private Fitness has been the go to place for many clients for therapeutic based programs to assist with overcoming or working around chronic pain, injuries, and limitations because we have the know how to get results without compromising issues further.  Although we love clients of all ages, we cater toward clients of 40+ with our Private & Group Personal Training sessions.  Private & Group Personal Training clients have the bonus and flexibility of using our gym at their leisure for cardio training, as well as encourage our clients to cross train with the various Fitness and Pilates classes we provide for ultimate results.

Our Pilates program is one of our most popular programs that we offer.  Pilates appeals to both men and women, and provides a low impact yet effective workout for all fitness levels.  From the athlete that wants an intense challenge to those desiring general fitness, Pilates can easily be modified from a therapeutic approach to a fat burning workout that yields amazing results.  Our Group Classes are limited to just 6 people and our Private Sessions allow for ultimate personalization.

We encourage our members to cross train with the variety of classes we provide for ultimate results and optimal health.  Our diverse yet complimentary classes will keep you engaged and always give you options to continue your progress towards your goals without getting bored.  We offer Zumba, Yoga, Barre, Piloxing, FIT Body Circuit, and more!  Check out our online class schedule today!

Schedule a 1 hour consultation with our Fitness Specialists for a nutritional assessment, suggestions, and recommendations. We are not certified Nutritionists or Dietitians, but have been in the fitness industry for many years and would love to help you with this piece of your wellness program because you cannot out work an unbalanced diet.  We also provide measurements, body fat analysis, and overall fitness program recommendations during these sessions.

The Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, and Class Instructors at Private Fitness are experts in their field.  Our Personal Trainers either have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and/or a nationally accredited Personal Trainer certification, as well as vast experience in the field of personal fitness.  Our Pilates Instructors are all certified through an in-depth and accredited training program by the Pilates Method Alliance, and excel in private and group instruction.  Our Class Instructors all have specific formats they specialize in teaching to provide the most authentic, safe, and cutting edge instruction for our Zumba, Barre, Yoga, Piloxing, and other classes!