Lean & Mean Guidance

Private Fitness Portraits-018This program was designed by our expert Exercise Kinesiologist, Master Personal Trainer and owner, Servando Chavez. His nutritional knowledge, experience in personal transformations of thousands of people, and military based style will keep you accountable, focused, and directed on exactly how many calories, protein, fat, carbs, fiber, and more that you should be consuming daily/weekly for your health goals (weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, fitness performance, etc). To be successful with this approach, you must have a healthy relationship and mindset about food, and want these sessions for a clear direction and sound nutritional approach to move closer towards your goals.  We do not recommended this program for chronic dieters or emotional eaters that may have a love/hate relationship with food, or have a deprived/gluttony tendencies when on a program. This is a strict, lean and mean nutritional approach recommended for people who need direction and a plan with accountability.

Sweet & Simple Suggestions

Private Fitness Picks-004Do you feel like you are close to eating right for your body and goals but for some reason you just aren’t seeing results?  Schedule this 1x nutritional session with our Fitness Specialist and owner, Juli Stockstill.  Explore what you are eating now with your typical daily schedule, get her valuable feedback and evaluation of what is supporting or hindering your goals. Her sweet, understanding, and genuinely caring nature will get to know your life’s demands and help you create a realistic roadmap of an ideal perfect day of healthy eating to help you reach your goals.  Measurements & BodyFat Analysis included, as well as other valuable information and suggested changes to your exercise regime.

Health Expert Referral

Believe you may need to go beyond just changing your food intake?  Have medical issues that affect hormones or other making every approach you have tried disappointing? Too busy to cook and think about it? Perhaps working with one of our recommended Licensed Nutritionists or other Health Experts in the local area is what you need for medically sound supplementation guidance and more.  We work with the best people in the community to help get the piece of the puzzle you need to feel your best.  Please schedule a consultation to discuss further as we can recommend the right path for you.

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