Jody TheissenThai Yoga Therapist

Jody laughs when people ask her how she got into yoga because she feels like yoga has always been a part of her. She has always been fascinated by our spiritual and physical bodies, which Yoga seamlessly knits into one. It is with this realization that she began to study yoga as a student and then continued to become a Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor with 200 hours of training through Cloud Nine Yoga. There are so many aspects of teaching the practice of Yoga that she loves. From selecting the music and themes for each class to helping individual students understand the importance of linking their breath to movement and helping them experience the affects of doing so. It is in this simple concept where we begin to explore the energy of the body and the affects on our body, mind and soul. Jody’s classes offer the opportunity for students to find a safe space to explore their inner sanctuary that is free from outside influence or judgment through a series of movements and mindful meditation. The process of quieting the mind is where we begin to sense the wonder and wisdom held within. It is in that very instance where we learn to surrender to the moment and realize the divine power and potential of Yoga. Jody says: “Yoga is an extension of my passion for helping to heal the world one moment at a time. If you want world peace then be peaceful.”