juliOwner • Fitness Specialist • Certified Personal Trainer

Juli started working in the health and fitness industry at the young age of 16 and never looked back. Her passion and heart for helping others change their life through better health, exercise and nutrition has always inspired her career path.  The weight loss boom in the early 1990’s, created the perfect opportunity for Juli to learn and excel by working in a weight loss clinic. After a couple of years, she knew she was ready to cross over to the fitness side of wellness because the scale never tells you the complete story of health. At 19 years old and lots of energy, Juli starting working for an all women’s fitness center and quickly advanced with the company becoming the club manager of one of the most successful gyms in the company. The challenges and mentors Juli had during her 8 years there, as well as the education she acquired simultaneously allowed her to develop professionally. Juli achieved her Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State Fullerton, as well as an in depth Personal Training and Massage Technician Certification through Fullerton College.  This education is what gives Juli her unique training style by incorporated knowledge of strength and conditioning, as well as specialized stretching and massage therapy. With Juli’s experience, training, knowledge, and genuine care for the wellbeing of others, she has successfully co-owned and operated Private Fitness since 2003 with the amazing team they have created.