Specializing in traditional Private & Group Pilates Reformer Classes, our extensive schedule and amazing Instructors makes our studio one of the most desirable in the area.  Pilates Reformer classes are a full-body workout and targets your core, arms, legs and glutes for great results, yet it is very low impact, efficient, and effective!

Recent prior Pilates Reformer experience OR 3 Introductory Private Sessions are required before joining our Group Classes.  Call us at 714-283-3411 for our Introductory Packages or schedule your Free Consultation Today!

Join Our Classes Now!

Our fully equipped Pilates studio is comfortable, nonintimidating, and personalized for those in attendance.  Based on a traditional teaching style and dedicated to the fundamental principles that creator Joseph Pilates established, our classes are limited to just 8 people to ensure you get the personalized attention that you need and deserve.

For those who have never tried Pilates Reformer, with a push-pull affect, the Reformer creates resistance as well as assistance to stretch and create dynamic exercises with a multitude of variations.  Each participate has their own Reformer to allow for personalized and unique tailoring.  Prepare to feel and see your body change from the inside out from these multi-level, well-paced classes that are the perfect combination of strengthening, stretching and elongating your muscles for ultimate results!

Getting Started…

Most everyone begins with our 3 Session Private Introductory package to learn fundamental exercises, proper technique and form that are important before joining in the group classes.  We encourage you to do as many private lessons you need to feel comfortable prior to joining the group classes.  However, many opt to continue long term private sessions and enjoy the luxury of the personalized workout design, including therapeutic work, attention to detailed form, and flexibility to utilize all of the Pilates equipment there is to offer: Reformer, Pilates Chair, & Tower.

Call us to schedule your 3 introductory sessions today! 714-283-3411