If you’ve ever been a member at a big box gym, you’ve likely seen what a challenge the entire experience can be.

Big box gyms are loud, crowded and impersonal. Even if you take advantage of their personal training options, you’re often still doing your workouts in the middle of the gym, where it feels like you become entertainment for the other gym-goers.

It’s also difficult, without personalized attention, to remain accountable to yourself and your fitness routine. When you just become a face in the crowd, you may find that it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do your daily workout.

This is particularly true if you’re very busy—without personalized attention and accountability, it becomes much easier to bump that workout off your packed schedule.

Luckily, there is an alternative to the standard big name gym, in the form of boutique fitness centers.

The Rising Popularity of Boutique Fitness Centers

When you visit a large gym, you quickly realize their primary goal is to get new members versus making it their goal to ensure their members achieve their goals.

When you opt for a boutique and independently owned fitness center, you immediately get the feeling their goal is to help you succeed in whatever it is you want to achieve. Since they are small, it’s not a constant race to get the most members sign up, only to let them fall to the wayside.

Anonymity vs. Accountability

When you join a huge gym, you blend in to the masses. There’s no one there that holds you accountable to a personal training session, and if you take part in a group exercise class, there’s no one really pushing you to do your best, or even to attend.

In fact, most of us have been in the situation where we visit a big gym for an hour or more a day, and find we spend the majority of that time walking around aimlessly from one machine to the next, or simply toiling away endlessly on the treadmill or elliptical because that’s what we’re most comfortable and familiar with.

The reason people are shunning this in favor of boutique gyms is because they’re held accountable by the staff of a small fitness facility. Your trainer knows your name, knows your goals and is there with you every step of the way. You’re accountable not only to yourself, but also to your trainer.

In line with your goals, your progress is tracked consistently, which is a great motivational factor in the quest to get fit and healthy.

Boutiques and Busy Schedules

Boutique gyms are quickly becoming the preferred way to work out for people with extremely busy schedules, in particular. When you work out at a small facility, with personalized training, every second counts.

From the second you walk into the door of a boutique gym, to the moment your workout is complete, you’re maximizing your time and getting results faster and more effectively.

Busy professionals can schedule personal training sessions according to their schedule, and know that their workout will be targeted and efficient.

Boutique fitness centers like Private Fitness OC of Anaheim Hills clearly offer numerous benefits you can’t find from a traditional workout center, which is why they’re becoming the preeminent workout option.

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