Ever wonder if your lack of zest, fatigue, weight gain and more could be hormone related?  Hormones tend to be hot topic, especially how they apply to weight loss, weight gain, fatigue and more, yet understanding hormones often remains a mystery.  Dr Mark will help us gain a deeper understanding about hormones and what hormone replacement is, as well as when it may be needed.

Join us for a 90min informative lecture by Dr. Mark Gonzalez, one of the leading Bio-Identical Hormone Specialists and Chief Compounding Pharmacists in Orange County on:

Understanding Hormones: Affects on Fatigue, Menapause, and Weight Loss/Gain on Thursday, February 20th at 6:30pm – 8pm

He and his wife, Erin founded Med Specialties in Yorba Linda in 1999 with the goal of “Customizing medications to meet patient specific needs”. He also works as a consultant for the Professional Compounding Centers of America and is a sought after speaker by organizations and local pharmacy schools.

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