10 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving ‘cuz only Turkeys should Gobble & Wobble!

1. Power of Protein.  Be sure to eat and have plenty of protein before going into your Thankful feast. The protein will keep you full and help stabilize your blood sugar to prevent over-eating, as well as healthier choices easier!

2. Part your Plate.  Instead of loading your plate with potatoes, gravy, and dressing, start with filling your plate first with lots of lean turkey and veggies. Try to limit the dressing, potatoes, gravy, and other rich sides, as they are where most of the fat and calories come from during our holiday meals.

3. Vow to Eat Veggies:  Be sure to make or offer to bring Veggie dishes and vow to make them healthy! Don’t cover your veggies with a ton of butter or cream sauce. Enjoy the natural taste of carrots, greenbeans, or other seasonal veggie by using a small bit of olive oil and your favorite seasoning!

4. Wonderful Water.  Drink a ton of water during the holidays for many wonderful reasons. One reason being, dehydration can cause your body to have the same sensation as hunger and confuse your sense of satiety.

5. Make Yourself Move.  Stay Active. Be sure to exercise Thanksgiving morning to get your metabolism up and running (We always offer special classes Thanksgiving morning!) then get moving after dinner!  Suggest a leisurely walk with your loved ones and break the couch-potato tradition.  And then, check out our yearly Black Friday post-thanksgiving recovery schedule!

6. Savor your Sweets.  Holiday sweets are hard to avoid. Avoiding them is not actually necessary, but limiting them is. Pick your favorite and have a small portion. Take time to savor and indulge in every bite. Do not go back for more, remember there will be other things throughout the holidays that you will want to try.

7. Downer of Drinks.  Steer clear of sugary drinks or alcohol. It stimulates your hunger, slows the metabolism, and is filled with a ton of excess calories that always get stored as fat. If you are going to drink, try to mix with Soda Water and stick to a 2-drink limit. Check out Crystal Geyser sparkling mineral water for a festive no-calorie drink!

8. Tight Trousers.  Wear tighter clothing. Obviously something that still fits, but typically if you wear something snug or just right you are less likely to overeat.

9. Be sure to Brush.  Brush your teeth after your meal to diminish the craving to eat more sweets or “change the taste in your mouth”.

10. Stay Strong.  Stay strong and positive! Strong, because you will not only be tempted by the delicious food, but sometime friends and family can make you feel guilty for not indulging. Don’t let them! It is your body, your health, and your happiness you are looking after! They are not working their tail off in the gym, you are. Protect your investment!

Written By: Juli Stockstill, Owner / Personal Trainer / Fitness Specialist