Testimony received Spring 2014:

“The thought of “green” smoothies was revolting to me – until I tried Karen’s recipes.  I eased my way into the greens, by mixing first with fruit, and eventually use less fruit and more kale and spinach, along with coconut milk as the base, adding chia and maca and probiotics.  This is my daily breakfast and keeps me full and satisfied until lunch.

I absolutely LOVE Karen’s recipes.  I have never enjoyed eating so many different vegetables – especially winter root vegetables – until I started trying her recipes.  Fabulous soups and I constantly keep her “protein balls” stocked in my freezer and throw a couple in my lunch every day for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

Spring Cleanse InfoKaren has opened my eyes and pantry to the delicious taste and healthy properties of coconut milk, lemons, honey and spices.  I never cared for seasoning foods with lemon, but by gradually using it every day, it is now my go to seasoning for hot and cold foots – and usually added to my water, along with ginger. What a refreshing taste – and no calories!  A little walnut or olive oil, a little balsamic and a lot of lemon is delicious on salads comprised of a myriad of greens, vegetables, avocado and seeds.

I will always love chocolate, but my constant cravings have gone away and enjoying a piece of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine is something I savor rather than indulging in an entire bar of chocolate these days (at least most of the time).

Who knew healthy eating could be so delicious and fulfilling – contributing to that wholeful life!  Thank you Karen!  You have absolutely changed my eating habits and my life.”

Thanks – and hugs!